Little Girls in Togas and Princess Panties

This year's Ya Ya getaway...10th annual btw, had to have a two-part theme!
"Leave your big girl panties AT HOME!!!"
Cindy had a great idea to award a pair of princess panties to Vonney in honor of our theme...she was the award recipient only because her life currently has the most cccccchhhanges occurring in it. This meant a quick stop at Wallyworld before we meet up at the first designated stop.

And the crown goes too....Bunky...formerly known as Vonney.
Bunky is her childhood nick name which has a sweet story behind it entailing an old commercial.
Shopping in the yard store...I did not abstain this time. I is going to knit my new great niece or nephew a hat! Wish me luck.

Our first morning we were greeted by this.

None of us had never been on the coast with snow before, it was breathtaking.

Time for some dancin!
We believe in phoning to get out of the Matrix
We enjoyed astounding taste sensations of great food and spirits, creative expression (more on that later), general girl-chatter, gut busting laughter, movie watching, all of which was topped with our finale performance..........

We celebrate US! Thank you Abba for these gifts, Vonney, Cindy and Melis...to
YOU be the glory!!


Cindy said...

I sooooooo need some of those photo's for my yaya journal.
Amen on the thank you Lord!

Jenny said...

looks like you girlies had a ton of fun! I love love love the toga picture! Priceless!

Vonnie said...

Our adventures have never been told so well. Rejoicing in the YaMemories.