Make Me Laugh Monday

I could not resist stopping for this laughable shot a few summers ago while on a
road trip in SE WA and NE Oregon!!
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Katney said...

I have seen that sign--while on a quilt shop hop!!!

Julie said...

DH's cousin's wife, who is also our neighbor grew up there! There was even a school at that time and she had 8 in her graduating class! She still owns her family farm nearby. My son goes there every year to tag calves with them, but I have never been there. Great shot!

Cindy said...

Funny. Makes you wonder if hte concensus people counted animals what the city population stats would look like...so many of us have pets. :)
Jandtville- 2 people, 1 dog, 2 cats

Faith said...

*snicker and snort*