Reflections...do they matter?

When one finds oneself in one’s late forties and bombarded with memories from high school, one begins to think one is weird…or is it natural to ponder ones 4 year prequel to adulthood at my age?

I am going to blame the book "Twilight", which I recently finished reading. Harsh…I know-- but that poorly written, boring, in lack of a hawt hero read, mostly catapulted my thoughts back to what I was doing when I was Bella’s age. (Not going to delve into those antics now…and btw, Bella begins as the main character in the book)

Those of you close to me might wonder why reading a teen vampire novel would produce total recall to those years as opposed to say… when I spend Tuesday nights with 30-40 high-school students via our church youth group? Excellent question, I actually wondered that myself. So I enquired-- my answer to myself I find very interesting to analyze.

The high school students in our church’s youth ministry, though most of them significantly wiser than I was at their age, do not seem as old to me as my memory of me in high school. I actually recall an illusion of me that mirrors an adult….Eeeeegads.

This makes me wonder all kinds of things like…Do you, my reader, recall yourself as an adult in your high school season? Is my recollection indicative of what I thought of myself then? If so would my life look any differently if I had not, if I actually understood that I was a kid? Which teens that I encounter in my life today perceive themselves as adults, which ones are aware they are just kids? And which of those categories of teens is actually more mature?

Enter Facebook…an abrupt contrast to deep thoughtful questions right? You see, my crazy Facebook page is fun and quirky while at the same time annoying and inefficiently usable. And wouldn’t you know that as soon as I finished reading Twilight, several high school classmates asked me to become their FB friend.

“So…big deal Tink, you have added a few blast from the past Facebook friends… whuupee!”
“Listen little Miss Pixie Dust….doncha evah trash talk my fb friends list…I will take you down!”
So how do I reverse the photo…today I see quite a different reflection! *wink wink*

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Cindy said...

I was a kid who thought she was a grown up when it suited me! :)