Bowling League

Thanks to idea inspiration from Empty Bowls, 40 Days of Community, a recent visit to my aunt and uncle's home that is full of art, and all the great stories of wonderful things creative people are doing to better our world; I decided to stop thinking about contributing and try to actually contribute. Thus the project management job that I whined about last week! I am calling it "Bowling League "for now.
The past couple of years I have been having a blast volunteering for our Church Youth Ministry, Kairos (Greek for moment of truth). In doing so, I have noticed that a large percentage of Kairos students are terrific artists. For many months I have been stewing ideas to marry creating art with serving the community. Some great ideas have come up...however that is all they have done...until I saw the woman who started Empty Bowls interviewed in a television spot around Thanksgiving. The simplicity of a bowl paired with raising money for the hungry would not leave my head.
Our community has a local pottery painting studio, The Dancing Paint Brush...what if I contacted them to see if we could get a project cooking? That was easy...they were receptive, now all we needed was a date.
Date set...Sat the 13th, 10-midnight! Flyers made -- project pitched at Kairos meetings, music play-list delegated, wallah!
Well...kind of...the 13th I awoke to a looming disastrous weather report...snow! Stress and more stress, should I cancel, should I not...emails to the manager who must not check emails on Saturdays...Eeee Gads.
Contrary to Fairborn Guy's repeated statements like..."relax it is not going to snow, the weather is always wrong", the snow did fall. But 17 of us did make it and was it ever the highlight of my month! The students, and Fairborn Guy, blew my socks off with dedication to beautiful creativity.
I was late in asking for a group shot, most of the students had left before the photo featured last was taken. I will share fired bowl photos next week....I can't wait to pick them up.
In true Tink fashion I have not finalized anything for phase II of this project...how to actually raise the money for charity with our bowls that is. Just seems logical that doors will open, I love watching God open doors, so fun to see how creative He is about it!!


Cindy said...

Does your bff get first pick when you pick them up? HUH????

Jenny said...

wow, from the pictures here, these bowls look amazing! And what a good idea! Way to go! Can't wait to see them all fired and finished!

Jenny said...

ha ha ha, I have to admit, that when I read the title, I thought you had starting a bowling league, you know, pins and balls bowling!?! It took me coming back to your page and thinking about it to figure out why you called it that! I love it though! Very cute and creative!