Mr. Crackernut and a Few Other Giveaways

I worked on a quilt today. This got me thinking about my quilt log. This got me thinking about how it has not been updated in many moons. This got me thinking about snapshots of my quilts. This got me looking in my photo files. This ran me into Mr. Crackernut...he got me thinking about the few quilts I have donated. This got me thinking about all the quilts made for others. This made me think I should blog about a few of my "for others" quilts that help make up the gigantic unknown number of the world's donated quilts.

Bravo for love and joy shared via
cut up fabric stitched back
together in love!

Mr. Crackernut quilt was donated for raffle to the Bremerton Dance Company where Snickerdoodle danced. Ya Ya, Melissa helped me modify the pattern from Quiltmaker Magazine from a tin soldier to a nutcracker. His winner was actually a fellow quilter...fun to think about him being brought out this time of year for enjoyment in her home.

This pinky quilt was a group project by Cindy, myself, as well as gals from the internet quilt guild we are members of called WASIQ. Cindy and I made the large stars, the wasiq gals sent us the small stars in the mail. This quilt was a raffle for a Breast Cancer 4 Day team from Kingston. The raffle winner was a quilter, a member of WASIQ as a matter of fact.
This quilt was also a 4 Day fundraiser for a member of the WASIQ
guild's team a few years later. Btw this photo is incomplete....must not have shot a final picture of it. I altered the pattern it was supposed
to be... so I call it an original. :)

This sweet quilt was also a group effort. Members of my long time homeschool online support network called
HIK (Homeschoolers In Kitsap) pitched in to send comfort.
We sent it to a fellow
homeschooling mom who lost her son to suicide.

Very happy memories my little rabbit trail gave me tonight!


Jenny said...

sweet post. I dont think I ever saw the nutcracker one, it is beautiful! One of these days, I hope to have a christmas quilt to bring out for the holidays. I think I'm getting the doggy one if Mom ever finishes it...

And I have always liked the pinkie one you and mom and the other ladies put together. It was so perfect for the cause it was made for.

Katney said...

I have fond memories of some of those quilts.

Cindy said...

I had forgotten about that last one. Too bad we don't have pics of the flannel one we made for that HIK gal...whose name I'm forgetting. And also that patriotic one you made for Sharenet. I think there have been others. Of course, now that you are blogging, photos will never be forgotten, right?