My Creative Side

Wanted to show some work from my quilting small group, "Knotty Girls". Seven of us swapped theme blocks.
Here is how it worked. Each member choose a theme and made a block.
They also chose fabrics to travel along with that block, although you could use fabrics from your own stash if you liked.
Each theme block and fabrics made the rounds to every other member of the group. We did not share the finished blocks with the owner until they were all finished.
This member's theme was a poster she owned and wanted to replicate. I made the diver's feet out of the water and the turtle blocks.

This member has a Vineyard, which was her theme. I made the block above the hot air balloon block.

This member's theme was Bold and Beautiful. I made the block in the center with the black background.

These are Cindy's blocks, her theme was her Family Lake House in Upstate NY. I made the tree block with the hammock.

This theme was Garden. I made the hummingbird block.

This theme was Salmon. I made the bear block.

These are my blocks, my theme was My Back Yard. I made the log cabin bird house block.

This swap was so much fun. I stretched myself in design and skills. The hummingbird was the most intricate applique I had ever attempted.

The grizzly bear block was my first attempt at machine applique with invisible thread.

One day I will get my adorable blocks set into a design, adding to my collection, a Back Yard quilt to throw on my lap to keep me warm.

Enjoy the look-see, maybe it will inspire you to jump into new creative waters this week if you get some time....for me, creativity works wonders to drive away stress, as does dancing!


Cindy said...

what is up with us thinking alike? I have a "quilty" blog to do for today too. At least its not the same topic. Hee hee.
Loved how you presented the pics on this one.

Mary said...

Oh wow.

What absolutely beautiful blocks you've made! They're really extraordinary.


Now I'm inspired to work a bit more on the sweater for Kristin's grandbaby. If I'm lucky I'll get it done before the child goes off to college. : )