Tink plus Priceline equals award ceremony

So kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go. Cuz I'm leavin on a jet plane, don't know when I be back again. Oh babe, I am so excited to go!..... I think I was on key?
Peanut and I are headed out for the place of my birth, the Mile High City. Home of the Broncos and elevation sickness. Speaking of the broncos, does anyone miss the John Elway days as much as I do? Anyway....all this packing and singing and planning and excitement of a hotel room, old friends, relatives and no cooking for the next eight days got me recalling a funny travel story.

Eldest offspring, B, graduated from Washington State this spring. This milestone warranted a Man Trek. Father and son have had many fun excursions together but this was there first ever Man Trek. Two weeks, five states, a tent, a few baseball stadiums, national parks and the open road. Their one hotel stop would be in Vegas, which by the way would be Eldest Offspring's first trip to the city of sin. Yikes! Even though I have been to Vegas a few times and quite enjoyed the shopping, food and luxurious pools; my good mother side was grimacing at the thought of my baby boy's exposure to said place. I was also not very excited about Fairborn Guy being there without me....as jealousy and I are quite acquainted.

My men Man Trekking together would have to just be the disciplined focus of my thoughts....sweet memories of travel and adventure...oops, the words adventure and Vegas just do not tandem in the mind of mom at home with an imagination.

I volunteered to handle the hotel reservation for them...I was attempting to act mature and un-jealous and trusting and helpful. They called me from the road once they had determined which nights they would need accommodations, as they left their itinerary flexible. My only parameters were to not spend more than 40 bucks a night but they wanted a room on the strip....aka the main drag. Cats out of the bag, Fairborn Guy likes cheep! I decide that the best and easiest way to stay in budget is to use Priceline.com. Great idea Tink, you are brilliant, there are just too many hotels to search through on that blasted looooooong strip...this will save you time. I plug in the data on the handy dandy website and walah, they kick me back a...Congratulations, we found you a room at your requested price and location, please place your order with the credit card of your choice. If you are not familiar with this wonderful site it works like this. You tell it what you want and it searches for you, however you do not actually know the name and exact location it finds for you until after you pay them. I have used this site before with great and grand and glorious results. It is a real money saver.

I enter my credit card information and excitedly await my confirmation so I can call my love and let him know that I was able to spend exactly what he requested, which would make him forgive my know it all attitude that communicated so lovingly...You will never get a room on the strip in a 3 star hotel for 40 bucks a night! You've got mail....... The confirmation arrived in my sweet little email inbox...Congratulations, your two nights at Hooters are reserved for the requested dates, enjoy your stay!!!

Laughing so hard, I could not even say "large knockers", I called the guys to tell them the news. Honey I have some good news for you, and I better darn well get mother and wife of the year awards!!


Cindy said...

Love the quotables quote! So true.
And I always enjoy hearing the Hooters story. You know the boys will be telling it for years.

jennyonthespot said...

Oh my goodness... now THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!

Faith said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! *snort snort* HOOters!! Hahahaha!

Faith said...

By the way, I think it's absolutely CHARMING the way you have to spell out all the numbers when you text! That's not a failure silly.... that's merely a quirk! ;-)
Love love.

p.s. Thanks for your help over the weekend! You're a peach. Plus, now I have your phone number! Muhahaha!