Party Rabbit Trails

I discovered something today that is very party worthy! This is the first time in 20 years of homeschooling that I will not be creating a single lesson plan...I told you it was party worthy.

Peanut is still homeschooling, but like a brilliant homeschooling mother I have tutored her out for all of her classes this year. You may be wondering if that is kinda like pimping out your child's education.....heavens NO! Once I made this happy discovery I thought to myself, "...self, why have you not been celebrating this joyous milestone?". To which I answered back to me, "...hey, that is a great idea!"

This idea lead to thinking of all the ways I could produce a party around this event...like a costume party where all the guests are asked to wear denim jumpers and Birkenstocks with socks. When they arrive I, the celebrated hostess, would be the only one dressed in an Ann Taylor party dress and beautiful red shoes.

All this costume thinking reminded me of a blast of a party we Ya Ya's had once. Our theme was White Trash! Have you ever been to a White Trash party before? It involves one trailer house, bad makeup, horrendous hair, cigarettes (no way was I going to inhale), boxed wine and spam. I think we scrapped the boxed wine and settled upon fufu cocktails with white trash names. It really was the best party I have ever participated in planning and hoot-hollerin fun to attend!

For you I have post an edited photo. Notice my beautiful heart tattoo. Oh and just so you know how crazy nuts I can be, I will confess that I went to the grocery store dressed like that to buy the cigarettes on my way to the party. One must be as authentic as possible when one throws a theme party.

OK, that wore me out....no party planning for now, just Congratulations to me....the school year 2008-2009 will have zero lesson plans to fill in every quarter....HURRAY!


Mary said...

One ne must support one's fellow homeschool mothers even when one isn't *even close* to such a milestone and has unkind feelings of deep, desperate envy. :)

A very hearty congratulations to you on achieving this joyous milestone!

BTW, I cannot even believe that you went to the grocery store dressed like that! You're always so polished and put together. Hilarious!

Cindy said...

You look so kick-ass and I look so gorgeous! Ha, ha, ha! What a day we had.

Congrats on the milestone. And hey, why can't we have a party and not just remember one???? I wanna a party.