Trust…beaten down

I hate this feeling…it crushes
vice grips
It stings to the deepest part of my soul.  My tears fall in utter loss but to you I speak:
wretched lie, no matter your size or origin, you steal and take and distort and break and crush and imprint and I hate you more than I can articulate.
             You will not gain for long…this world will unfold one day and the
HOLY truth shall silent your voice forever….

here I stand…salt drips…hoping in forever


Cindy said...

Hope is good. We hope for that which we have yet to see....but we *will* see it.

Vonnie said...

You are so poetic! Sending you hugs and prayers.

Jenny said...

I love you sweet Tink

JLTan said...

I understand. I have been through similar feelings.

Continue to hope. God works through that.

Jess_Martian said...

wow, beautiful! I love the variation in texts.