Dawning of 2011 ( via my Panasonic DMC-FS15)

Thanks to a jazzy little cold our son brought home from Bahrain (or more likely the plane rides home from Bahrain) I was awake at 4 am this morning.
I spent some time pecking away hoping to get drowsy before daylight.  Not a chance....so I headed out to our deck with my camera.  I have to mention that it was 21 degrees..... ffffffffreezing cold temps that are seriously not normal for this part of the country.  

 As I stood out there praying in the new year and breathing in the cold crisp air I thought -- 
"Why not walk a few city blocks down to the beach oh lazy girl?" 
 I warred with myself then headed for my weather protectiveness items--aka woollies;  hoping that if I actually saw humanity on my trek that no one would notice my PJ's.
 First sight of water

 I was not alone for this sunrise display of Glory.  The gents in the back ground were loaded with many cameras, one of which was a home-made job the take a 30x40 negative -- it was huge!!
Here is a better shot of it. 
 My Ya Ya's Yvonne and Melissa would have loved chatting it up with my these guys but I was not in a social mood, I was using all my energy to prevent personal frost-bite. 
(jsyk there is very likely impersonal frost-bite some where)
I would be a skunk if I did not say that I wondered if they noticed my jammies?

Will now post this and head to bed for a much needed nap.


Julie said...

Gorgeous! You were much braver than me! I opened the front window and leaned out to take a picture! LOL It was -2 here though. Funny about the jammies!

Vonnie said...

Wow your shots are amazing! The camera is very cool :)

Melis said...

Better even than you what you said on the phone! Absolutely beautiful sunrise shots! And I wish I'd been there to talk to the camera guys. I'm really, really intrigued. :)

Faith said...

Beautiful pictures, lady! I wish I could have been there with you with my camera and coffee in hand. ;)

Love love love you! Happy New Year!

gautam kewaliya said...

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