I changed my blog skin to match my, thankfully lifting, mood of the past two weeks. Or has it been all summer?

Looking back at my post records it is mind blowing that March was the last month of chatty-ness bloggville received from me.  What a long valley of deep, dark, summer this has been.  Many of you, my sweet friends, have been given difficult circumstances this year as well.  I am sorry I could not be more of a support for you.

Though my circumstance trail through the shady cold valley has been most of the summer's terrain, there were several wild flower meadows bathed in the sunshine of JOY that enlightened the soppy mud and cold heavy fog. 

  • My father's 70th birthday bash was a blast
  • My Peanut's graduation from High School bash was a blast
  • My sister's marriage was a blast
  • Friends and family bringing me flowers and food from their gardens, driving me to appointments and the grocery store, baking us delicious nutritious food, lending us items to assist in dealing with my limited movement and pain, cleaning my house, helping me with puppy umbilical cords, doing our laundry, walking the dog, lifting us in prayer, moving  furniture for us and giving us so many reasons to Praise Him in the valley.
I am thankful for being held!

I have a few weeks before physical therapy will be prescribed.  I won't lie there are moments that fear seems to over rule my thoughts of tomorrow but the reasonable Tink knows that time passes and physical strength and restoration will come!!!!


Vonnie said...

Standing with you sweetie and praying for autumn sunshine in abundance.

Anonymous said...

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