Midsummer musings from my horizontal perspective

This is a stock photo from Google Images...I do not look this cute in spin class

Let the record show that this middle aged girl has always had a bit of a weak back but as of late it's episodes have increased and thanks to a spurt of spinning class excitement in early April, it again, took a turn toward the pain inducing side.  I babied it, took it to the chiropractor and massage therapist for several weeks, nursing it back to a painless state just in time for Peanut's graduation bash, which needs to be a blog post topic. 
I succeeded in also taking it (my back) to beautiful Leavenworth for a quilting retreat.  It behaved, and fun was had...also a blog post needing to happen.  As the cycle of life would have it, the next week, my adorable Labradoodle was ready to breed.  This required a car trip 4 hours south for stud services and three days of mild car travel from my accommodations to the home of said stud...the goal being adorable puppies in Sept.  My goal, sadly during this trip, did not occur...a future post on how and when that goal was accieved will come soon.  Meanwhile the ole back was sending me loud and clear messages of warning.

My Blueberry Pie

My Friend Miche's Traditional Fourth of July Cake
July arrived with fireworks and celebrations along with a now painful back screaming at me.  I had no time for massage, and my Chiropractor was on vacation.  Suffer through...was my motto...the Chiro returns the 12th you can make it girl

The 7th I decided to see a Physical Therapist which was a great idea...it gave me a reality check and a set of positions to help my back get on the road to recovery.  Ooh Ahem...what about that dreaded little detail of being scheduled to work?  I will be fine I tell myself...as I limp out the door two days later, hoping it would not be a busy Kingston Quilt Shop day.

Side bar note about the shop...it is closing and, you guessed it, I will be posting about that in an upcoming post,

Where was I...maybe mid story about another dimension of my denial tendencies?...Ah yes.

Denial became reality the following day...when a bolt of lightning pain shot through my right hip down through to my right foot.  I won't give the unlovely details of my sobbing and screaming and feeling like death from pain was possible...you may be one who knows exactly what I would describe.  If so, I tip my hat to your brave and overcoming strength!!  It hurts soooo freaking bad

I was in panic mode but tried  to send out prayer request texts...who knows who received my cry for help, I had zero cognisance abilities at this point...I merely felt like every pain demon that operates against God Almighty were presently having a pain-fest inside my body.  Thank you if you "happen" to be one of those text receivers, and have been able to pray for me.  Based on the text logs in my inbox it looks like the horrid pain-fest lasted over an hour.  After the pain-fest demons flew away they left only the consequences of a numb right foot, inability to support my body weight, what felt like electricity buzzing through the leg and a physical moratorium on sitting or lying down.  I was powerless to do anything but limp around upright begging for relief.  Finally, several hours later, I some how got into a semi sitting position and was able to fall asleep.

So here I lay...obeying doctors orders of staying as horizontal as I possibly can with the goal of seeing if the nerve activity will become more normal. 

I have a solution for ice packs...if only a solution for narcotic induced constipation were as simple.  :)  Sorry people, but narcotics cause constipation! 

Hope in the Living God and pain meds produce this smile....

I am blessed to have Fairborn Guy mostly home from work playing nurse with back up reinforcements on a list either engaged or to be contacted if needed.  A great friend lent me his massage table which is so much easier to lay on than our sofa or my comfy bed.  Another great friend lent us his lap top so I can bloviate about the current events of my life in healing.  And so many are on the clock praying and or sending me calls, Facebook posts, and texts of encouragement...to all of you THANK YOU!

Until next time...which will be sooner than my vertical normal,


Jenny said...

Having spent 6 weeks on bedrest, and never ever wanting to do it again, my heart goes out to you. My prayers are for your quick healing and return to the land of vertical-ness.
I love you, dear Rhonda!

Cindy said...

Yeah for the pic of you in your "therapy" bed! And look how happy you are. ;)

Mary said...

Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been in such pain! That's awful. I so hope that each day brings a lessening of the pain and has you on the road to feeling more yourself.

I'll be keeping you close by in my thoughts.


Melis said...

Double yay for the visual! I was wondering what your "bed of pain" looked like. :) Hugs and lots and lots of prayers sweetie--know exactly what you're going through my friend.

Julie said...

I'm praying for you. I hope you get better soon. I am a baby with pain and can't imagine the pain you described. Yay for the friends loaning you stuff, great pic! Oh my, my word verification is Mamers, as in the car trip maimed you?

Tink said...

I love to analize word verification Julie...lol! That cracks me up!