He Surrounds His People & A Love That Surrounds

Day one defined the word trust in verse one as: confident, secure, and sure.  As I was diving into the lesson I thought "oh this is going to be good...I am going to most likely get to see  a new area of trust to be conquered for God."

You can say it....it won't hurt my feelings.  I am one weird woman!  Who actually gets excited about finding lack in herself, especially before it is actually found, and in-particularly when it relates to trust of God?????

I'm sorry I just love to grow...I am a growth addict - I confess.  

By the end of the lesson, however, I had not come to any such conclusions.  Then guilt started to speak... "sure...way to stay in denial girlfriend -- you HAVE to  be kidding, no one feels all three of those things towards God at the same time."

Then the tug-of-war began:
Are you in denial or are you actually in trust?         Oh the wars my head can wage...knock it off!

I decided to move to day two and progress.  The focus was God surrounding those who trust in Him.  Thankfully I can say I feel this to be true in my life...I feel surrounded by Him!
Though I am educated enough to know that even if I did not feel surrounded, it would not discount the truth that I am surrounded.  It just sooooooooo trips my trigger that I do feel His encampment around me.  It is a feeling of security that I do not feel anywhere else in my life...a feeling of such deep, personal devotion--unearned yet freely lathered all over me.
My Psalm 125  vs 1-3
I, Tink, am confident, sure and secure in my God 
Because of this trust. His promise to me is that  I will not be shaken or defeated... just as unshakable as Mt Zion

I am surrounded with God's protection now and always
The fists of the wicked may never violate what God has ordained as mine

I could not personalize vs 4 or 5 --the words banishment and remove prevented me. 
My wars are with spiritual enemies who are banished already.

Living post-resurrection, the consequences for evil doers can look much different than in old testament times.  God is Just on both sides of the cross and He administrates His justice on both sides of the cross, however in Christ's crucification, sin for all was purchased at one time...free justice for all was rendered.  All a person has to do is accept it, evil doers and do gooders alike.  Banishment from God forever is easily avoided on this side of the cross.  In Christ we were given the mother of all lottery tickets...the kind you find on the ground and never paid for, yet is worth a zillion-trillion-million dollars!!

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Vonnie said...

Very beautiful dear friend. Not sure I understand your reasons for not using vs 4 and 5 but your poetic treatment of the cross was lovely just the same.