My Keeper...

My Steppin'up journey today focused on verse 5...aka God's protection.  I enjoyed learning that many scholars believe this psalm to have been sung by the dispersed Jews as they make long journey home.  This picture helped me come back to viewing a bigger picture.

Dreaded little details can be trouble for me in day to day life...they stress me out.  I feel pressure  to train myself to notice and keep track of details or I will miss something or mess something up.  I think that is why I like studying scripture so much.  Oddly in this area my head enjoys finding dreaded little details; heres how I think it works for me. When reading along  I may get intrigued by something small.  I don't  feel pressure to understand it, but rather, freedom to just dig and see what I can find out about it.  I am not always satisfied with my dig, nor do all my questions get answered...my bible is full of question marks in the margins, but the rabbit-trails toward details equal fun for me!

This morning I became interested in the construction of the psalm, apparently there are 58 syllables preceding the Hebrew phrase in verse 5 translated "Yahweh is your keeper", and 58 syllables following it. OH the questions this brings up....

  • Since the author of this psalm can not be confirmed, was this person really into math?
  • I wonder if a woman penned it as she awaited her husband to return from business or perhaps war.  Maybe she slipped it to her husband after a great night of pleasure.  (can you tell I watched soap operas as a kid)
  • Was the number 58 significant?
  • Do Old Testament believers laugh out loud in heaven because we botch-up their beautiful song's melody?  This thought then spins me to pondering what the choirs of heaven really sound like.

You see what I mean?

Where was I?  Oh...back to the picture of  this song being sung on route toward God, weather toward the homeland after exile or in pilgrimage to the Temple for the yearly feasts.  I told myself to focus on that picture and let the little questions pandering my brain go.  I chose to imagine the massive crowd walking together and singing in faith about God's character in spite of  possible insecurities or circumstances... like the scorching sun.

Personal application for me: as I march toward my Keeper... protection rules! no matter how much my eyes or insecurities doubt.  And -- sometimes singing a song really loudly in a large crowd is exactly what will aid me re-grip my faith when my heart longs to doubt.

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