The Lord Is Your Shelter

My Psalm 121~
I look out at the vast waters does my help come from there?
My help comes from the LORD who made the heavens and earth.
He will not let me stumble and fall, He who watches over me will not sleep and does not tire.
He does not outsource my care to someone else.  He stands beside me as a protective shade.
Where my fears and evil threaten my life, my King preserves me.
He is committed to me forever more!


Cindy said...

Nice. I knew you'd be good at re-writing the Psalms....totally something I suck at so I'm not even trying. Are you surprised? Nah!

Where was this pic taken?

Tink said...

On the Gulf of Mexico, east side of Florida...temp was over 100 and humidity was 100%...oh man it was HOT

Your right I am not surprised you are passing on the re-write. lol