By Golly...a reception in honor of us "Knotty Girls"!

I am one of 8 Knotty Girl members...
We meet monthly to enjoy each others quilting projects
and often do group quilt challenges.
One such challenge was a personal round robin, with each round having a parameter.
We were invited to display this challenge at a local Gallery...I think that means we are now 

Miss Diane's piece
Miss Wanda's piece
Miss Trish's piece
Miss Gretchen's piece
Miss Cindy's piece
Miss Cheater's piece
My little displayed quilt is not actually from our KG round robin challenge.  
I have not finished...it sits in the UFO pile waiting to be complete.
My displayed quilt was however, from a challenge I did complete in 2003 for a
Marcus Brothers "Aunt Grace Through The Year" Quilt Challenge.

Some day it shall belong to my future first grandchild!!


Cindy said...

I was just going through my pics for a post on this....its one of those events that both of us blog the same thing!
You, of course, took way more fun pics than I did. Love the one looking in from outside. :)

Mary said...

Had to check out your blog form Cindy's. I like the 30's quilt. Good luck saving it for a grandchild. My 30's quilts aren't for my grandchildren. I love my 30's fabrics too much for that.
See you at the Leavenworth retreat. Maybe you could have your KG challenge quilt done at least to a Top by then...

Melis said...

Love the quilts! How come I've never seen the 30's quilt? Wait, I probably have and just don't remember. :)

Sharon T in Lynden said...

I knew you were knotty long, long ago my friend.....LOL! Thanks for sharing your awesome event. I sure miss you.