Let The Weaning Begin

The least favorite of my six week puppy journey has arrived...it is time to begin the weaning process. No more sweet puppy smells of joy when snuggling with them.
They will now smell like smeared food and waste unless I bathe them.
I slept in till 10:15 this morning, I think it was an attempt to avoid the inevitable.
Eventually Fairborn Guy and I went to the store for instant Goat's Milk. When I arrived home I prepared the baby swimming pool outside for my feeding area and quickly peaked out the front door to see if Fairborn Guy wanted to watch the pups get their first taste of food. I was delighted to spy my sweet neighbor Junne walking by so I flagged her into the back yard to join me in the fun.
All 5 were ravenous
Had to snap a quick shot of me with my weaning witness before she continued on her walk.
Thanks for joining me Junne...you little shy thing you!


Cindy said...

So the poopy smells begin! Call me after they have bathed for the day. ;)

Miss Junne...why are you hiding?

Gledwood said...

Aww! But they're so cute, the diarrhoea and all is surely worth it ...

... in the end, ha-har!!