Reunited..."Thanks Facebook!"

It is unseasonably hot here in the Northwest...I am inclined to write the statistic for those of you who love numbers and stats, but rather, I will suffice it to say "It is freaking, bloody HOT!".

Peanut slept on the deck...smart isn't she? Tonight I think I will join her. Anyway...I took this shot of her snoozing the early morning hours away.

I was up early, not only because it is impossible to sleep in this heat, but also because I had a very exciting lunch date to prep for. Ya know...little things like showers and shaving your legs...like I said it was a very exciting lunch date.
Thanks to facebook and a particular evening of being bored the other night, I went searching for an old high school buddy that I lost contact with 1978. I may have struck gold!...but no photo to prove it...but that will not stop me from the inquiry, right?

I friend requested her, she accepted me...always a big risk as who knows if the person will even recall who the heck you are, let alone want to add you to their "friends" list.

I was very excited when my ole pal's message showed up in my inbox!!!
Here is the real terrific thing...she lives just across the Sound from me.

(Sound is short for Puget Sound if you happen to be unfamiliar with the Northwest)

This reunion called for a brief ferry ride over to Edmonds

A shot of my little Kingston and a seagull perched

This heat is horrible but it makes for beautiful photography and very calm water on the Sound

What will my ole buddy look like, will she recognize me, will she remember how she impacted my life with love during a very confusing time in my life???...
I had so many questions racing through my head.
The risk was worth it dear reader...My reunion with sweet Myra Matson was delightful...we talked with ease for hours and hours catching up on the directions our lives have taken and the many nuggets of wisdom we have each acquired along the way.

Thank you facebook for a great rekindled friendship opportunity!!

My smile equals talking through my teeth telling her how bad I am at self photo shots...

Myra's smile equals genuine.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Thank you for that special afternoon. We are back from Seeley. Had a great time tubing and Knee boarding. I love Montana. The family was great and we are all relaxed.
Hope to see you soon. jasmine is back here with me.Let's get together soon.