Pre President's Day Weekend

My Pre President's day weekend 2008 began with super-duper calorie intake delight. Breakfast is my favorite meal...even though red wine is never served with it. I love, love, love, love to eat breakfast!! This plateful was cooked and served at our church on Saturday morning. It was scrumptious~

Our dining buddies: Kim, Gail, Joe and Dorothy were super

fun to chow with.

I enjoyed hearing from our guest speakers who were from Italy. Later Fairborn Guy and I spent the afternoon in the yard transplanting and pruning; our evening was spent on the sofa being lazy.
Sunday I neglected to take photos, but enjoyed my regular worship routine followed by an outing to the big cites of Poulsbo and Silverdale where I enjoyed coffee with a Ya Ya and chilling with Snickerdoodle in a book store.
The final holiday day was spent sleeping in, reading, cleaning, doing laundry, and enjoying a magnificent walk to the beach as the sun was setting. We have been blessed with a few days of radiant sunshine...oh was the view astounding!
This is a shot of Mt. Rainer and the city of Seattle, looking south from our neighborhood fishing pier.

My walking buddy Sami

Mr. Sunshine setting and the southern peaks of the Olympic Mt's

What did you do this weekend?


Cindy said...

Pretty sunset pic!

Yummm...biscuits and gravy. :)

Julie said...

I can't remember what I did President's weekend 2008 and the 2009 one hasn't happened yet! Are you just going through old pics? I did have good time on Martin Luther King weekend 2009 though! :-)

Tink said...

Julie your so kind and sweet and your guess as to why my post title was wonkie is a brilliant one but I am way to complicated for such simple possiblities. My blog tonight explains...if you could call it an explanation. Hugs!

Cindy your in big bff trouble jsyk!