"Improversation" Dilema

...not only do I not know where they are going, I sometimes don't even know where the sentences come from. For instance my last post's title. Oh my!

We have been having tri-computer issues, how we can be so affluent as to own three computers and yet too broke to fix them when they are dying is quite another blog post--digressing Tink--stay focused. Anyway, I was not even intending to post a blog that night. I was innocently trying to school myself on how to get my photos from my newly created Picasa web albums site to retrieve to my blog. You would think since both of these nifty places are related in parent company it would not be difficult, hah and bah humbug!

Several hours later, tired and feeling defeated, I decided I needed productivity. I felt that my sunset photo was too beautiful to not post...then got a great idea for a title, given all the media hype of the weekend. Note to self, do not save ones "great" ideas for last. In other words type in the "great" title idea pronto, not an hour later after working on a blog. After all Tink, all you have is a title and an unrelated photo you are working from, not to mention you are tired and defeated on top of being up way past your bed time...excuses-excuses!

As my reader, you are by now frustratedly thinking "Just tell us the supposed name of the bloody previous post!" aren't you?
Fine! Pre "President's" Day Weekend was the intended title of that post. I thought it was a great play on words, though it would have been better had I bloviated on about all the hype....hey it was late, cut me some "only so much brain power" slack.

Now my dilemma remains, do I fix it? Not the lack of brain power silly...the previous post title fopah. After considerable debate with ourselves we, me and all my alter egos, decide affirmatively "oh yeah!". Chow, gotta go edit a post. :)

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