Simply Splendid!

We woke to more fresh snow today so I headed down to the beach for a quiet morning view of the day.

I love this shot....

I knew what I wanted to do today but first...
may I back track just for a moment to the year 1982 - I was just 20 stinkin years old! I think this is Trillium Lake on Mt Hood (Oregon), but don't hold me to that one. Fairborn Guy and I were on an adventure together...

I believe it was my first time cross-country skiing

Fast forward - this is me today.

Fairborn Guy forging the trail down the neighbor's steep driveway

It has been so incredibly beautiful to be snowed in during this record breaking Northwest snow blast. Normally when we get snow here it is rarely around for more than a few hours. This storm began on Thursday night...tonight's weather report is telling us we are likely to get even more tomorrow...WOW! I have mostly enjoyed 4 days in a row of husband, as the County did not open Friday or today...he does get a little grumpy without "work" and our Netflix supply was not "shut it" stocked.

I have had lots to keep me busy... that will be a future blog - can't show photos of things Santa is bringing now can I?

Wonder if the sun will be out tomorrow before the next phase blows in?


Y said...

You always think of such fun ways to pass the time. way to press through your hubby at home time.

Jenny said...

looks like fun. Can't wait to blog about my snow adventures in this beautiful, unusual northwest weather.