Make Me Laugh Monday

What I know is: A very funny, funny, blogging buddy who loves converse tennies does Make Me Laugh Monday. Since today is Monday I went digging around in my photo files for some funny inspiration. What I found needs a bit of background in the form of a film clip from a movie titled "Wedding Crashers".

Coincidental to the movie title, Aug of 2005 we flew to Florida for the wedding of our nephew. We took in some local fun while there, including Universal Studios. We were enjoying dinner in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurant...which by the way is active and crazy fun, fun, fun! When our table was approached by a balloon artist I could see my sweet Fairborn Guy wincing...balloon artist means tip and my guy does not enjoy the time honored tip. I, however, love the tip and I love to watch art in the making. My request was simple...a Hat.

By now Fairborn guy’s sense of humor has kicked in. Having seen the aforementioned movie preview clips and having what I call “competitive man challengeness” that has him thinking “this guy will never be able to make a bicycle”, he asks our artist if he will make us a…… bicycle.

Big bicycle means big tip....oh well, it was sooooo worth it!


Y said...

Loved the laugh.very cleaver to add the video clip. How did this story never come up on ya ya day?

jennyonthespot said...

How'd I miss this post??? Oh my heck! LOVE IT! A BICYCLE!!!! That's just awesome!