Ten Thankful Tummies

I am excited to post my first holiday blog ever...editing the photos for this post has been a blast. The thought of having this entry to look back on makes me smile entirely. This year there were 10 of us! Thanks to the Do-Ahead Diva I was able to get most of the heavy cooking done on Wed. I spent 14 hours preparing the mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted yams, stuffing, rolls, setting the tables, and lets not forget prepping the Tom Tom who was a 29 pounder.
Tuesday I was given the great idea by bff to make my own napkins--no, she is not a work pusher, but when one whines to her about not having beautiful napkins her practicalness does instruct..."Rhonda you do have fabric in your stash--just make some!" It was so much fun I ended up making table runners as well.

These babies were my first attempt at making my Ya Ya Melissa's grandmother's five-o-clock rolls. They were well worth the kneading once an hour for five hours in addition to the timing of getting up early to bake them. Thank you Melis for sharing your family tradition with me, everyone raved about them

Baylee prepared the Quayle-Off Spring favorite...they love them so much she made two dishes worth!

Napkins and table runner

Goofy pre- company photo

Swell my heart
Sons are fun to force into photo shots

Scarves Rawk! Mine is a pre-birthday gift purchased in Italy!
Great-Grandmother with her Great-Granddaughter
Why do men sit on tables that are decorated with care?
Nephew and his Auntie 6 months age difference
The best ever "step in" mother and I (PS she wears glasses too)

The best "step in" Grandparents ever!
Daddy doing his appointed job of jobs
I think I look pregnant here
Gravy for an army---Thank you Grandpa!

We are so blessed


Faith said...

Good job on the feast of the gobble gobble, Rhonda-Roo!!! Smart to just go ahead and make your own napkins and such. I personally made my own napkin rings, complete with little pine cones in honor of the time of year. Although no one even noticed them, they made ME happy! ;-)

Cindy said...

ok..so my personal favorite edited photo is the last one...mr.helper! My question is: did he do the dishes?

Y said...

Great job with the photo's, loved seeing all your family.What a hostess!

Jenny said...

great post, great pictures. Holidays make for such great blogging!

Tink said...

He did help....just a bit, but enough to say he did. However he did give lots of compliments that as you know for my man are few and far between.