Word Search

I LOVE words…they are little miracles; they enable my world to be enlarged or shrunk, depending on my wishes. Words inspire me, heal me, make me laugh and cast lines toward the relationships in my life.

Some words I over use….the word love for instance. I love to use the word love, say the word love, and write the word love. It is believed that this overuse minimizes the value of a word, not so for me. I find the word love to be the most useful word in the English language. I use it frequently because I feel it frequently, perhaps in differing degrees but feel it none the less.

Some words are freeing, some are entrapping, and some bring understanding while others create wide divisions of misunderstanding.

I have currently been in search of a word to describe the shift that occurred in what those close to me know as my Ya Yas. My Ya Yas are four women whom are not related to me by blood or marriage, but who are solely that wonderful gift of a word….girlfriends.
We named ourselves the Ya Yas in honor of the Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood book. The five of us read this book one summer in early 2000’s.

It would be impossible to precisely describe the depth to which these women have impacted my life, how they have inspired me and humbled me. They have blissfully enriched me with wit and humor. They have served, carried, mentored, prayed, studied, sobbed, cried and even fought for me. When I have walked through my darkest hours and danced through my highest joys, they have been there with me every step of the way….until the day (after 14 years of friendship) one of them walked away. What does one call this kind of transformation? Change?...not full enough. Empty?...not honest enough. Crap?...not deep enough. Yavorced?....yes!, that is precisely the word I am looking for…the word needed for my heart to define the great loss, the word needed to bring clarity to oceans of muddy goop that feels so confusing and easily avoidable.

Yavorced: a verb…..synonym for goodbye.


cindy said...

That's it friend -- yavorced! A new, and timely, word for my yaya dictionary. I'm so yasad over our yavorce.

Jenny said...

Tears cried for you all. This whole situation is frocked with sorrow. For you YaYa's have been such a huge part of my life and the impact of this yavorce has touched not just the five of you, but us "petites" as well.

By the way, thank you for coming on friday. You made my day with your presence and I love you!

Vonnie said...

A reason for Yabigamy... Yavorce and you still have three other Yawives. love Ya!