I Feel So Informed

Sitting at my dining room table, enjoying my Sunday after church brunch of toasted/buttered Squirrely Bread with coffee and skimming the sections of our local Kitsap Sun newspaper trying to decide which section to read first.

Hummmm, do I want to read the ads? Better not...that will tempt me to spend money I am trying to save. Well then...how bout the wedding announcement page? Nah, I want to save that section till last…I just love the wedding announcements.

Aha! I spot it, right on the front page of Section C...“Kidney Stones Linked to Global Warming”.

Laughter eruption….my toast and coffee choking up my throat!!!!

Even though I am tempted, I am not going there…not going to spew about how much I tire of the victim minded bull c*** associated with our culture’s global warming OCD.

I decide instead to Google "____linked to global warming” where I find a few other hysterical associations you should all be aware of.
1. The Hollywood sign is melting thanks to global warming.
2. Dandruff causes global warming.

This new "information" may keep me laughing all week!!!


Jenny said...

wow, I had no idea that those things caused global warming! So much for recycling, LOL!!!!!

cindy said...

I think all our missing brain cells have been what is causing global warming! Or maybe that's what all the millions of missing socks have done?