My Very First Grandma Post

I would like to introduce you to my first grandchild....

isn't he/she sooooo cute!! 

 I have been trying to formulate this post in my mind for the past few weeks - nothing has been "coming" to me in the way of the "perfect post idea".    

No big surprise, as you can see from my last blog post date, this girl has been in a "blog funk"!!

If between now and April I do no pick up blog posting steam, you can bet that April will produce loads of inspiration....oh my-goodness-me yes it will!

Until next time,


Jenny said...

so happy for you and Tim and Baylee and Chris and Shannon and Bryan and everyone! This is a special baby and I can't wait. Another Yaya Petite Petite. You will make a wonderful grandma! Love you!

Cindy said...

Well, hello little Harty. :)
Counting days till we get to meet.

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