Happy Bday TO Me! 50 is the best bday evah!

A walk on the beach in the sunshine…
Lunch preparations…
IMG_0904Spirits…IMG_0905Presents…IMG_0906garnishes…IMG_0907an amazing view…IMG_0908more amazing view…IMG_0913beautiful projects…IMG_0914crowns….IMG_0927Snacks…IMG_0940hot tub at sunset…IMG_0946crab pot pie…IMG_0918readers…IMG_0919decorations
P1050328and the best 3 friends a girl could ever be given!!!!!   Thank you God for the half century of beauty, tragedy and joy – may Your name be famous in every moment of the second century phase that I have left here ~


Cindy said...

Fun to see the pics you took. :) Here's to a bright joy-filled future!

Eka Arifin said...

gosh, i love the view from the windows, wish one day i have a house which has a view rightly to the sea... #FingersCrossed ^^
anyway, happy birthday... ^^

Tyndall Lanny said...

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