Nov/Dec moments worth documenting

 Corn Maze date with my Guy
 Odd shot on the ferry ramp

 Chair I wanted....sofa version of the chair I bought.
 Proud parents of the Miss Emily the bride

 Rug I loved...fabric I put on my new sofa

 Beach views of things I love......
 Gift for my Ya's doggie Pickles
 Visits home from College = Joy
 Dolly afternoon in Shan's room 
 Overdue "mom" visit  from Oregon
 The people who warm my heart with inspiration

 Heaven on earth -- Jefferson Beach

 The Door on a quiet night...
 Best pot pie Evah!

 Salsa's binding is fffffinished!

 Bday tradition with my Peanut....Yum!
 Quayle Girls


Cindy said...

Lots of fun pics.

Faith said...

Is that an upside down christmas tree?? Where did you find that? :D