2400 resolution is too high for Costco photo online...who knew?

Dear Diary,

Spent most of yesterday scanning over 60 photos for Saturday's party...uploaded them to Costco.com.

Today when I went to pick them up...they said "sorry we could not print them"  so...
had a little melt down...seems that my scanner is more powerful than I understood...put smile on face...
off to do the rest of my errands.

Decided to hit box-store for lemon aid and boxed lemon bars (forget making them from scratch now that my photo plan was derailed I have lost my will to cook from scratch).
It is past 2 O'clock, stomach aching from hunger, buy 4 Jojos to tied me over.

As I am wheeling the cart to the car, I stuff a Jojo in my mouth...it proceeds to try to aspirate me too death.  I am passed my several people while spitting and coughing and trying to breath.  When I recover (thanks to a very unladylike spitting session), I am so dazed I can not recall where I parked.  48 year old lady pushing a cart up and down every isle in the walmart parking lot is a scary sight.

Home to retry the photo upload...determined... success...send Shannon to town to pick them up.  Make cupcakes (my will to cook from scratch has re-surfaced now)... success...cook frosting...simmering...ooops cell phone drops into the pan as I am trying to read a text.  

Moral of story: I think I need to stick to pizza and brownies parties AND never ever buy Jojos ...they are killers~

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Cindy said...

Nothing wrong with being the Martha of the pizza world. You rock pizza!
Hope today is better for you. Stay away from potatoes.