My Own House, My Own City

My Psalm 122

When my husband agreed "Let us go to the Bayside house of God to worship", my heart leaped for joy
It had been six long years without a church home.

Now we are here inside these unfamilair walls built as a place for worship -- I cried
"Knit me into this place Oh God"

To give thanks to the name of GOD - this is what I treasure about being a follower of Christ;
fitting perfectly-imperfectly together for worship and ministry.

The alter may be modern day, but the Throne of God's mercey seat is called down upon this body of believers as we sing songs penned throughout scripture.

I will pray for Kingston's peace and prosperity for Bayside lovers too.
May we all choose to get along.

I renounce hostile outsiders - keep your distance.

For Your Great Name's sake, my King, I'll do my very best for you here!


michele - favorably fashioned said...

I love this with my whole heart.

Kathy said...

Rhonda, what a wordsmith you are!
Your Psalm is beautiful, love it.
Love you. Love studying the Word
with you.

Cindy said...

Amazing girl. Amazing.