Odd Shots Monday

My friend at Katney's Kaboodle hosts
"Odd Shots On Monday".  I enjoy
watching all that is odd!

Can you guess what we girls in this
 photo are "up" too?

Sometimes photos require "you just
 had to be there" captions...this is
 indeed one of those photos.

Cracking myself up......


Cindy said...

Oh Lord....please let no one guess what we were up to! What happens with girlfriends stays with girlfriends. :)

Vonnie said...

I'm speachless.

Melis said...

I can't believe that pic is gonna be out in cyberspace! Yikes! :)

country mouse said...

it's hard to tell by the proportions in the photo, but you're either holding a utinsil of some sort in cleavage or between thighs? for some reason? some reason unknown to the rest of the world . . .

Maybe it's better left unknown ; )