Floriography Surpirse For Me

I was squealing, loudly, annoyingly loudly~
Fairborn Guy found a delivery for me on the stoop...the delivery person had not rang the bell to announce this delightful surprise...as an tiny aside I must say; that is just wrong!
Squealing I ran for my camera...need to document this happy moment. As I run upstairs to fetch it squealing "I can't wait to see who sent these to me", Fairborn Guy hollers up after me, "How do you know I did not send them to you?" He is a humorous man...
Camera in hand, still squealing, I begin the descent into discovery. My admirer is unveiled, Candee as sent me belated birthday flowers!!!!!

The enjoyment of this surprise gift lights a fire under my innate homeschooling nature....

A little research bug emerges as I begin to wonder where the tradition of sending flowers originated.
Apparently there is a language of flowers called Floriography resulting in entire floriography dictionaries having been written.
Thank you Candee, your gift made my yesterday ~ the last day of 2008 simply blooming!

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