Forget Me Not-hing

How bout it...did the first week of December equal exhaustion for you...it did for me, exhaustion of the brain-cells! Suddenly the busy busy of the season has set in and I forgot to expect it. Which means I forget even more than I normally forget, which is a lot.

Of all the things I hate forgetting the most, it is forgetting to pay a bill. I hate it so much it happens only once every 8-10 years, which is great for a "Miss Forgetful" like myself. You guessed it, it happend to me this week. The stupid cell bill is for some reason not mailing me bills...they said I wanted to be paperless...ha, that is such a lie...I HAVE be paperfull when it comes to bills...or I forget!

My cell bill paperlessness rant makes me even madder when I go online to choose to go paperfull; only to be given the option to receive a "summery" via snail mail. Summery...not the entire bill....are you kidding me? Why do cell phone companies delight in controlling their customers? I dream of starting a cell phone business that caters to the customer...ya know, treats them like the Nordstrom of the cell provider world.

All this means that I have to remember to phone the company and request full-paperfullness from them...this should be interesting...they will make me feel like a tree killing and loving it, perpetrator of forests and their furry animals habitating there.

Happy December!

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