Two days in a row, what are the chances?

Lesson learned: Digital cameras rawk as medical emergency assistants. When she was dropped of by her loving parent, Baby Scarlet was asleep in her car seat---that’s easy enough---let sleeping babies lie happily snug as a bug in a rug until they wake up. Peanut, like every good Nanny, did the normal and reasonable thing when Baby Scarlet awoke…she got her out of her car seat to rock and coo and play with. I interrupted her though. I just have to get a few hugs and cuddles in---in other words I was a baby thief.
I noticed some odd redness in her neck area as I was kissing and cooing over her. Oh my…that is not a little redness…that is quite a bit of redness. When Scarlet’s daddy dropped her off he made no mention of any redness…yikes. Mmmmmm, lets strip her down and see how extensive this redness is….to which we found more redness in various and random places and the redness aforementioned was getting deeper red and growing in size.

I immediately thought…Rhonda get photos of this, even if it passes in a few minutes her mother will want to see this, she is a nurse for crying out loud. We took several photos of her….still no sign of said redness fading---time to call Mommy and ask if she can receive email at work. Mommy calls back promptly, emails with photos get sent, Mommy pronto phones Daddy whose work place is closer to Nanny’s house, and baby gets picked up and rushed to the doctor.

Lesson Learned: If your husband goes to answer the door bell just as you are serving dinner and does not come back promptly, don’t assume he got distracted with typical garage or computer things. He could actually be protecting you from a doorbell ringing man convinced that your residence is his safe house solution from, the revolver toting, finger puppet playing on the stop sign across the street, chasing and wanting to kill him, invisible gang---otherwise known as the doorbell ringing Meth user high as a kite?

Don’t tell Fairborn Guy this but it totally tripped my trigger to have him tell me, when I finally (thanks to the teens who wanted to know what was up with the weird guy my husband was talking to outside) went down to investigate what the heck was detaining him from the dinner that was now cold; “don’t come out here, shut the door and stay inside”. It was like in the movies---Knight in shinning armor protects dumb clueless woman…hawt, hawt, hawt!!! Thanks to the cell phone in his pocket, my man was able to keep Mr. Meth calm while calling 911 from the stoop. Surprise, surprise, the police were actually in the neighborhood already looking for Mr. Meth---seems our “safe house” has a competitor close by.

I am happy to report that both emergencies have good endings. Baby Scarlet is now without mystery redness and Mr. Meth was taken to the hospital before harming himself or anyone else that we know of. I am thinking these two incidents are terrific life lessons for a just turned 17 year old: Just say no to dead camera batteries and drug use!

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Cindy said...

Man protecting his loved ones.....always HOT! Always!