I wonder who invented facebook...

I am almost afraid to research the inception of the Internet community forum known as facebook. It would ruin my good time...I am very much enjoy imagining the thought and idea stages of whomever he/she/they are who came up it! As soon as I find out the true story the imaginations in my head will have to be discarded for the truth.

As some of you may already know, I recently found myself interested in joining the facebook world. It seemed like it would be a simple enough way to keep in touch with distant family members as well as immerse myself in the post-modern youth culture online while avoiding myspace. Oh how wrong the word simple is when facebook is involved. As an aside, for me avoiding myspace is about how it makes my computer cough and sputter as well as the disdain it gives me when clicking onto a site where I am forcefully greeted by loud obnoxious noises that someone defines as listenable music.

My new venture in facebook cooperates with my computer and alleviates the music confusion issue but it too has it's disappointments. Mostly the disappointments come from it's capability to roadblock my brain. I actually do not think I have enough braincells left after raising children to master the nuances of facebook mastery. I will choose to persevere... but I hold out little hope of actually figuring out how all those bloody applications really work. Facebook did afford me a great deal of laughter today though...I suppose that is worth its weight in how retarded it makes me feel.

While on a shopping adventure with bff today, I could not believe what I was hearing our 40something year old mouths discussing!

Bff: "Okay, this Flair thing, I think I finally figured out how to get it onto my profile page like yours is"

Tink: "Good cuz I really need to know what you did---mine appeared there and I have no idea what I did to get it there...btw how much flair did you send me because I had 3 pages of it once I finally found it the other day?"

Bff: "I only gave you a few pieces, all your other friends must have given them to you"

Tink: "Impossible there was too much of it and thanks to you anyway because I was very happy ignoring the entire applications leg of facebook!"

Bff: "I like flair it is fun...it should tell you who gave them to you in your notifications." (I love her instruction voice)

Tink: "yeah, I know it should but the thing is... it does not seem to, do you think it is because I was ignoring them for so long because I did not know what to do with them if I were to accept them...I just kept hitting ignore...I don't know if I like flair."

Bff: "Maybe, but your notifications area should tell you who sent them to you."
(Bff is for sure thinking I have just overlooked them in my notifications area, granted, I am spacey sometimes so she has cause to suspect so)

Tink: "I have no recollection of said notifications and my notifications area is empty."

Bff changing the subject a bit: "I sent you one that was so funny... about.... can't really... remember... what it... was but it was so funny...oh and the Ya Ya one is from me...I wish I could remember them all, there are some pretty funny ones out there ."

Tink: "Are you listening to us, we are actually talking about fake buttons in cyberspace that are 'collectible' yet indiscernibly able to be 'placed' for viewing where we want them." (I bust out laughing at us, bff joins in)

Bff: "oh, it gets better...I was invited to join a cause that allows me to collect plants, but I don't know where to plant my plants!" (more laughter)

Tink: "I know, I saw that you joined that cause. I was invited to join too but declined because it torks my brain to even try to think about how an invitation to give a fake plant in a fake community garden can actually help that cause...did you get the invitation to stamp out abortion--- I got that one!" (now tears are streaming down my face while I am laughing out loud and trying to drive) "Dang if facebook would only have been around long ago maybe our 30 year fight against abortion would have been won by now." (both still laughing out loud, tears still streaming down my face while driving) "I am thinking that facebook was invented by a group of former United States Postal workers who got fired for being too happy to work there, because only happy people like buttons and bumperstickers. They were happy but could just not shake the dysfunction from working for the government." "Or maybe they were just happy drug users." "Oh hey it just occurred to me...I think if I tell the cork board to post to my wall rather than my profile I can right click it there, save it to my pictures, and wallah--- use it in my blog!!!"


Jenny said...

I know I've sent you a couple. The peguin and polar bear one for sure.
Flair's fun, but I agree about the applications aspect of facebook being rather crazy.

Cindy said...

We are so hip! Keeping up with these youngun's. The truly scary part is that I'm actually liking it for all the stupid fake stuff. I just want to keep logging on and seeing if anyone sent me any fun stuff. Flair reminds me of my button collection in junior high......why do we find ourselves back in junior high all the time?
jsyk iluvu

Mary said...

My adventure with Facebook consisted of signing up, getting back off after all of 10 minutes and putting my account to sleep, or into hibernation, or to . . . I have no idea. I just know it's not active. . . . I think anyway.

I keep thinking that Bec will walk me through this at some point and I'll get back on, but all this talk of flair is making me jealous and making me want to activate my Facebook account right now. This minute.

I want some flair. I want to at least use those words and have *some* idea of what they mean. : )

Maybe someday, right?

Jenny said...

"Flair". Don't know if it originated with this or not, but I first heard of it through the movie (which, I have to admit, I haven't actually seen all the way through) Office Space. Do you "older" ladies know if buttons were called flair before that movie?!?

Tink said...

How did my comment police ever let the "older" women remark past the comment gate? Wrinkles to you my sweet young friend! :)

Jenny said...

well, I WAS going to call you all "old foogies"....or was it "old farts"???? Oh well, either way...