Doodleness For Obama!

I had quite the cozy post election morning yesterday. I did a bit of computer “work”---ya know, that all important task of updating the “Rhonda is…..” feature on the ole Facebook page.

Despite the fact that most of my voting choices were on the loosing side of the ballot results, I was in a very happy place; peaceful and content knowing that I had done my civil duty for my country and thankful that I am not composed of venomous tendencies that produce president hating/personal attack mindsets so prevalent in our “lack of civility” culture today. I can embrace the winning opponent, and in fact even seek goodwill and success for his term with the many challenges it will deal him. I love my country and believe in the representative process of checks and balances our founding fathers designed.

Ok, so I had been pondering my favorite part of Elect Obama’s victory speech, the part where he so proudly acknowledged his daughter’s hard work in the campaign---the part where he announced to the world that their reward was to be a puppy in the White House! So in honor of that glorious part of my newly elected President’s speech, I updated my Facebook page to read: “Rhonda is holding her puppy on her lap...she is so happy that President Elect Obama is buying his daughters a new puppy for the white house.”

I was serious! As some of you know, the past few years of my life have included loads of Doodleness. I researched and dreamed for months on how I could acquire a Doodle dog; the breed had stolen my heart. It took me nearly a year but my goal was eventually reached.

So you can understand the delight President Elect Obama’s doggie statement was to my Doodle-owning ears (I must admit my daddy- daughter ears were excited as well). Never mind that my ears are basically as naive as could be…for I could have never imagined the onslaught of political pressures that his precious fatherly remarks could actually unleash. Why? ---Well it seems the Obama girls have decided their breed of choice is a Goldendoodle---gasp...are you kidding...they are not going to rescue a Mutt from the pound animal shelter? This compels me to compose a letter.

“Dearest President Elect Obama,

This letter is a hopeful effort to support you. I encourage you to stand tall against the tidal waves of political pressure the special interest animal rights organizations have begun against you, which purpose to only destroy your household individual freedom to choose what kind of animal to purchase for your daughters.

Sir, I am a stunningly joyous (weird adjective combo I know) owner of a Labradoodle (sister breed to Goldendoodle) named Sami. Sami is a breeding bitch who, aside from contributing to more “unneeded” Labradoodles in the world, delights my heart and life with companionship as well as many other simple pleasures offered by a mans best friend. She also provides a bit of taxable income for our family.

Folks can be passionately curt towards Doodle owners. I personally have had to resist the sneers and comments from these judgmental minded. Every vet visit, I am “reminded” (in that ever sweet academic tone that implies they are the smart educated and I are only the ignorant, greedy and heartless pet propagator) that the world is chucked full of homeless animals “needing” to be adopted.

Next comes the great question of questions---How many litters will you "make" her have?---to which I answer--- only 3 more, she had her first litter last April, would you like to see my photos?--Invitation politely declined as they lift their jaw from the floor.

I have come to understand that such smart and educated may “approve” of one small litter of earth defiling pups--- but three—E-Gads no way!

I imagine the pooch you plan to purchase for your daughters will most likely be de-sexed. Goodness knows your future approval ratings will be significantly reduced if you were to actually purchase a bitch or a stud. Be that as it may, I implore you to reconsider? Owning breeding stock has many advantages…just think of the business lessons that could be instilled in your daughters by owning a small doggie breeding business! The spirited riots and demonstrations on the perimeters of the White House would be astounding fodder for our media outlets, I wonder if they would demonize you---Nah. Lastly it would show great support to all your Doodle owning constituents, like me. Your valiant efforts to stand for our common principles of individual doggie owner freedoms would be longstanding…we could unite together and end the prejudices against animal husbandry forever!!

Tink the Doodle populator
Contactable at http://www.doodledogsbeforemutts.com/ "


Y said...

Go Tink! You stand on your rights however wwwrong they might be:)

Faith said...

The fact that you are not sitting at home stewing in your angry juices like so many other Americans right now (OMG, you should read some of these blogs! You'd think Armageddon had just arrived.) makes me love and respect you even more. Not to mention, your "Dear President" letter gave the wicked giggles!

Cindy said...

What's wrong with a cat? That's all I'm saying. :)

Mary said...

You're seriously cracking me up!

"Tink the Doodle Populator"?!