My Dream House

It has been a beautiful October here; sunny days, maybe a bit of fog in the morning, with cold crisp air. It was exactly this time of year in 2001 that I “stumbled” upon this house in the Internet real estate listings. I called an agent the next day to book a showing. The moment I walked in I knew it was where we were supposed to live. I was smitten. It has been 6 years! Because this time of year leads me down this memory rabbit trail I will give you glimpses of the abode, piley as it is, with a Tink twist.

Views from my “studio”

The “spare” room….one day this will look like a guest room but for now it has a few wall hangings left by it’s former dweller as well as Reardon family photos strewn about the floor in “organized” piles.

Next we have the Peanut’s space

Now we head down stairs to the main living space…excuse the construction décor…we could not look at the filthy old carpet on the stairs any longer. Not sure what we are going to do with them next but it will come to us.

Martha Stewart's nightmare

This laundry space makes Martha proud

Eye Spy anyone

And finally….the fuel supply station and the writing supply station

Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!


Jenny said...

I love the post, Tink. And I've always loved your house. Someday I'll have to show off my own space, although it's not as nice as yours.

Yvonne R said...

Hey you're almost to the top of the stairs. Way to go Home Improvement Tink!