How the heck did I do that?????

Have you ever wondered how you were able to pull off a task that seemed impossible...you know, like biting your tongue when you wanted to yell at the top of your lungs some profanity when you are very PMS, freezing cold and craving chocolate while being waited on in the sloooooowest line EVER at Costco? Well, today I did something similar. This similar thing quite amazed me/myself/and I if I do say so myself.

I was enjoying my copy project...I mean art project, thanks to BFF Cindy. She organized a day for some of our Bunco buddies who have wanted to learn how to make fabric post cards. I was game for some creativity, so packed up some supplies, including two books written by my Aunt Caroline; one of which is featured in this photo. I decided to try to free hand cut my motifs without tracing them or making a pattern. This would make me feel less like a copy-cat and more like a "true" artist.

My work is the lower right hand pumpkin post card. The other two are photos in the book. Easy-peasy-as pie was Mr. Pumpkin and his face to free hand recreate, then came the silhouette of the tiny little witch on her broomstick. The blasted committee in my head told me to just bag the attempt...they have such loud and obnoxious voices some times. I grabbed my tiny sharp scissors, ignoring their voices, and proceeded cutting. Wow......and double wow...I think some of those artistic Reardon genes may dwell in me to some degree after all.
Thanks for the fun day gals, maybe with my bunco winnings I can put myself through art school!...lol


Jenny said...

great job being creative and artistic. The card is a beauty!

Cindy said...

Have to say I was shocked to see that it worked out so perfectly. :) Who knew you had such talents?