Her name means: Little Wise One-Born Again

It begins like this; baby girl enters the world in dramatic fashion. Dramatically shredding my baby cooking oven...there is blood and more blood, and oh yeah, that little EMERGENCY C-Section that, btw, is cause for me too, in panic mode protest:

Hey Mr. Doctor Guy, I can feel that, please give me more drugs...NOW!!

In spite of her three pound-eleven ounce leave the hospital weight, she was a hearty nursing peanut packed with joyful gumption, who could also be hidden in a shoe box if needed.

21 months old yet able to bathe in my hand-dandy, hospital barf bucket, take along camping bathtub

Sweet with can-do attitude

Curious and adventuresome, yet prepared. We did not teach her that helmets are essential for cousin assisted, home-made cardboard slides off top bunks.

Very Huggable

All this has me wondering what my 17th birthday prayer for you, oh youngest child of mine, shall be........I have settled on simply two things:

Keep using your noggin ...........

and following Christ

Happy Birthday Peanut!
I Love you,



Cindy said...

Happy birthday, Shannon girl! :)

Cute pics, Miss Tink. I had forgotten that Shanny was a thumb sucker. That was during the yelling phase, huh? :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful post, and happy birthday to Shannon.

Mary said...

Wow. I remember when Shannon and Caroline did Clarice's cooking class. It seems absolutely impossible to believe that they are now 19 and 17.


Shannon is a lovely girl and I wish her a very happy birthday!

BTW, I can't believe how long it took me to realize that I had just one month of your blog saved to my "favorites". Everything I'd click on your blog, it came up with the "Priceline" post. It took me forever to realize what a dunce I was being and clicked on your title and found a ton of posts I'd been missing! I'm having a great time reading your blog!!