Disobedient Photos

My kind of living room!!!
Conference Crowd

My blogging learning curve is trying my patience here tonight. I loaded these photos assigning them the left column position so I could write to the right of them...not so obedient were they. When I opened the preview button to look at how pretty they were I found a hodgepodge of orderless photos....sigh and double sigh.
Were I a perfectionist blogger, or one who cared more about the end result than the time of night it is, or being tired and cold and wanting to post my fun pictures from vacation Colorado, I would just delete the whole thing...too stubborn for that. :)
The trip was super fun and full of challenging mental exercise. Peanut and I had summer weather while there, nice!! since we were robbed of summer here in the northwest. We visited my ole high school buddy Jana and family. Jana gave us a tour of Boulder which included lunch at the Dushanbe Tea House. We attended a 4 day communications conference, two days of debate, two of speech, put on by Communicators For Christ , plus we were able to hang out with my Reardon Roots.
My aunt and uncle warmly hosted us for a night in their welcoming, art filled, home. It was a special treat to be joined by my cousins and most of their children for brunch the following day.
I very much enjoyed seeing God's great genetic creativeness. The likenesses in many of us to those older in the generations, fascinates me. I was not a child who got to be around my extended family but a handful of times. I consider it an honor to have had the blessing of another day to add to the list. My favorite part was hearing stories...I just love, love, love hearing stories of days gone by. Thanks for the laughs Uncle Mike and Aunt Caroline, I can't wait to see what dad has to say about the shot gun story.
I took a bit of video but that will have to be posted another day...learning curve set one is quite enough for this posting. Ok enough of this it won't let me write under or over these pics...it ends up deleting them....grrrr
Night Night

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Jenny said...

sorry your post didn't turn out as you would have liked, but thanks for posting it anyway! It was nice to hear that you had a good time!