Difficult as it may be.....

Lets see how this edit Html thing works. There has to be a way to edit this blog much easier than I have been doing inside the compose tab....hmmmmm perhaps I am thinking it more difficult than it really is.

Speaking of difficult, it is ever so difficult for me to contain my excitement for the Braveheart public servant who last night accepted the nomination for the Vice President slot on the GOP ticket.

I see, for the first time in my lifetime, a genuine public servant in the national office spotlight. Governor Sarah Palin embodies and respects "We The People" in a way I have not, prior to now, been blessed to witness.

Fairborn Guy and I have been watching the John Adams HBO series over the past few weeks. In watching the sacrifices that our founding fathers and mothers made for this great land to be birthed, I've felt such shame for modern day officials who generally show no resistance to self-seeking power and paychecks.

Where are the humble men and women called to serve who will fly in the face of waste and government intrusion upon the citizenry? Where are the called men and women who believe in a republic since that is what the United States is? Where are the called men and women who are em passioned to reform our over stuffed government and give it back to the people it represents; rather than trying to explain to us how little we all know about taking care of ourselves, our neighbors and our businesses?

Last night I watched one such woman speak with passion and determined spirit....I am dancing with joy!

I am thinking the very least the McCain/Palin ticket will do for this country is inspire millions of people who are cynical and overwhelmed with our government's games to re-read the constitution, recalling that We The People are the republic of the United States of America..."its a good thing".

Mission accomplished...the Edit Html tab did not blow up my blog, though some in my sweet homeland may wish that it had. :)

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Cindy said...

I tried the html post thing too tonight. It let me carry over bullets and small caps from Word but not the strikethrough....darn. Together we will conquer this!