“What do you have to blog?”

“Hey Babe, did you see my blog site link that I emailed you today?” To which he replied matter-a-fact the question above.
It is a simple enough question for Fairborn Guy to ask me, right? But I find the answer to be my very quandary. My question to his question is “What do I choose not to blog?”
I seem to have the capability to talk for hours about nothingness, not to mention the endless list of things that are somethingness. But as you all know, blogging is not only about the writ, thank you digital and video technologies!
Little does Mr. Bloggless know that the things I will choose not to blog about when I choose to blog, if listed, could actually be endless? Can anyone relate? So for today I will choose to blog, in photo, my appreciation of feet.

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Y said...

Huh, there's something I thought I'd never see... my feet on the Net. Love it!