Tink Meets Blogger

It's all Miss Cindy's fault...she has been talking for months about how much fun it is going to be to join the blogging world. I recall that in 1998 she did the same thing with quilting...that "useless" hobby that I was sure I had no interest or time to partake of, right? My heart belonged to decorating for crying out loud. I was entranced with transforming our then home, mobile home to be more exact, into the cottage of my magazine infested dreams. I had spent months searching garage sales, shabby chic holes in the wall, resale shops and antique stores for the perfect smallish mirror to cover our ugly circuit breaker box in my newly remodeled laundry room-gone-entryway. With one failed attempt after another Miss Cindy would suggest that I make a wall quilt instead. My response was "no thank you, I do not have time for all that chopping and sewing". Besides, the supplies needed to accomplish the art would put me in the poor house. As quilting fate would have it, one day I was sharing my mouthy complaints about the un-found mirror of my dreams and Miss Cindy's crazy suggestion to another quilting friend of mine Miss Lynn. She ecstatically offered to lend me all her supplies so I could try. I thought this was a terrific two-fold idea. One ~ I would create a darling quilt to cover my ugly circuit box. Two ~ I would prove to Miss Cindy that this quilting thing was not my cup of tea. I achieved the former but thankfully the later not so much...I was instantly smitten. Will that be the case for me here in the land of Ever Ever Blog? It is here that I, Tinkerbelle (Tink for short), shall embark on the Ever Ever Land of Bloggsville...only the Great Blogger of Blogs knows for certain what my blogging fate shall be. Btw Miss Cindy, get going on your wannabe blogging, it will be too lonely out here without you!


Faith said...

Yay!! Another fellow blogger..... another bloggy mcblogster for me to keep up on. Yipee Skipee!! I'm looking forward to all your lovely rants and raves, Miss Tink-tink.


gardeneyes said...

I'm sure you are a born blogger. I think you will quickly find how much fun it is to just share what is on your mind at the moment and have others want to read about it. I'm enjoying it and I know you will too!