It's Been Ten Years...

since my supercalifragilistic, climactic yard sale high of highs! On my way home from a taxi-mom run I decided to stop at a yard sale. I found an antique photo of Abraham Lincoln unframed and smallish, along with a few other things I do not recall. When paying, I noticed a small sign that advertised a bedroom set for sale. I inquired because I am a great yard sale client and because I had been longing for a real live grown-up bedroom set for several years. My dream set was antique with a headboard and foot board. The memory is vivid; walking into the dark basement back room of the woman who was selling the set, laying eyes on it and feeling astonished that it was more beautiful than I ever thought I would find. In addition, the price for it was delicious! I have had retail highs of this nature, like the IKEA flooring I found in the dent section for 7 dollars a box...yowza! You need to know that store retail highs and yard sale retail highs are not at all the same. Yard sale highs are higher, much higher! To date the bedroom set is my yard sale high unmet. The ole set has been a good friend to me; it beautifies my bedroom in spite of my daily habit of not making my bed, it provides a place for one of the superior benefits of my marriage to be enjoyed and it holds the clothing items that are needful to cover and warm us.
Now for the point of this story: today I decided to yard sale, I wanted retail therapy from a lonely 5 days without Shannanigans or Fairborn Guy (he got a call from Coram Deo on Monday asking if he would bring Wavita to the rescue, more on her later). I don't yard sale these days, it is too anticlimactic...thank you delicious bedroom set yard sale discovery memory. Today was a planned exception, three gals out for the fun of it. I hope you are wondering weather or not it was worth it. Sadly my venture today was not the surpassing yard sale high of highs, but I did acquire a singer sewing machine (have no idea if it works or not yet) and a toaster that is 1/4 broken. for FREE!! Now that is therapeutic in spite of it's anticlimacticness.


countrymouse said...

Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! You're here : )

Hi : )

Faith said...

Oh lordy, do I have a lot of reading to do!! I've been bloggaliciously absent lately, as you may or may not have noticed. :(

You got that bedroom set at a GARAGE SALE??? Bravo! I recently purchased a lovely and delightful baby down comforter from "The Company Store" for 5 DOLLARS, of which I did several little dances about the ladies lawn about. I promptly told her that I don't have babies yet, but SOMEDAY I will and they shall have the loveliest down comforter!! Yay!

Speaking of passing things along to others..... Daniel said you might possibly have a sofa that needs a new home?? Is this true?? If so, we would be ever so interested in purchasing said sofa from you as our has seen greater days and these are NOT them. We will be in touch. ;)